So what’s this site all about then? Well … for now it’s an experiment to auto-publish some forex trade set-ups, using harmonic patterns, elliott waves (sort of) and candlesticks.

As you will see, when you click on the ‘Signals’ tab, the experiment is working quite well. We’re using eWavesHarmonics  – based on eWaves and TheHarmonicIndi (which was originally Snorm Harmonics)  – which is still very much in development and has a long way to go before it will be considered the finished product .   You might see some odd-looking harmonic patterns so please remember this is only a test site.

The ‘Harmonic Charts’ tab contains some random chart pics using TheHarmonicIndi.  The ‘Pin Bars’ tab contains live daily charts that meet the specified criteria. We’ve seen some very nice set-ups with the Pin Bars – worth keeping an eye on.

None of the posted charts are a recommendation to trade.  “Only for educational purposes” etc etc. . Perhaps, in the future and if all goes well, we might be able to pick some real nice set-ups that we would be willing to trade … that’s the ultimate plan. In the meantime, please add us to your favourites, subscribe to the mailing list and come back often, to see what progress we’re making.

For free or very reasonably priced terrific Metatrader indicators, including eWaves v1.0 and TheHarmonicIndi, hop over to www.for-exe.com

May the pips be with you.


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– not a trade recommendation 🙂

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